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Cabinet Styles

Stock Kitchen Cabinets: Pros

Looking for kitchen cabinets in Kelowna? These ready to install, “quick fix”, kitchen cabinetry solutions, serve their purpose, for those looking to resolve a complete kitchen remodeling project on a tight budget and time-line. With many big-box retailers throughout Kelowna, offering a wide array of styles, colours and finishes, there’s no shortage of selection and brands to choose from. Most re-sellers will have inventory on hand and are ready for immediate sales, with delivery often provided within a day or two of purchase, which appeals to those shoppers who need the product immediately.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets: Cons

As one might guess, there are several downsides to this low-cost alternative. Many of these products are manufactured overseas, usually in China, and utilize thinner lower cost components, often requiring additional centre stiles and support to prevent the material from bowing. The overall fit & finish may not be consistent throughout many areas of the design, and materials used in critical areas, such as drawer slides and hinges, may not stand up to the test of time, with regular wear & tear. Ask about ‘dovetails’ and other options you may want. It may surprise you to learn that many of these features may not be standard equipment with many stock design options and you may end up with a list of add on expenses. If you have special restrictions or requirements for height, width and/or depth, check to see if the available size options are right for your next project.

Customized Stock Kitchen Cabinetry

Yet another lower cost option is to make minor modifications to off the shelf, stock kitchen cabinets, which may help resolve some issues and limitations with available sizes. Still taking advantage of the low-cost solution stock kitchen cabinetry has to offer, specific elements can be modified to fit the dimensions of the project at hand, such as sections where the product meets with a wall, appliance or a run end. You may want to compare the costs of modifying stock cabinetry with a complete custom cabinetry solution. When some of the complex modifications and custom upgrades come into play, you might find the pricing levels somewhat comparable, with minimal savings.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinetry, also known as “true custom” cabinetry, has the unique ability to conform to virtually any design specifications, and facilitate even the most ambitious design concepts. Some are drawn to custom cabinetry for its ability to compliment an existing room design, or expand on pre-existing cabinetry, while others simply desire something not commonly found in other households or kitchens. Because of its highly modifiable nature, custom cabinetry will allow you form a truly unique room image for your next kitchen renovation project. If you live in the Kelowna or Okanagan area and need some help planning your next project, please don’t hesitate to call us first.

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