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Marshall Cabinets Kelowna

Cabinet Storage

Cabinet Storage

Aside from their obvious uses and functionality, kitchen cabinets can also offer storage solutions to facilitate space requirements for a wide array of household items. Good storage solutions are about maximizing the available space as efficiently as possible, wasting very little -particularly with vertical areas and corners. Through custom cabinetry, we can create a wide variety of unique storage ideas that will accommodate any lifestyle, from the very streamlined and basic, to highly functional and elaborate.

Interior Cabinet Space

Drawers that offer massive depths and detailed compartments can create unlimited custom solutions to match your family’s lifestyle and use. By the same token, avoiding a cabinet design that offers too much excess depth for your typical usage will be critical.

If you are like many Kelowna households, wine storage is top of mind and custom solutions can be created to house large collections of our prized Okanagan product. Vertical areas can provide storage solutions for brooms, mops and objects that are otherwise challenging to stow neatly in commonly accessible areas of the home.

Appliance Storage

Customized cabinet heights will offer easy access to heavy and bulky everyday kitchen cabinetsappliances, such as blenders, food processors and bread makers. Kitchens are uniquely challenging for storage, as they require space for a wide array of items of almost every shape and size; from cutlery to pots & pans, on up to massive counter top appliances, such as deep fryers and slicers. Compartmentalized interior areas can offer great storage and visibility to common kitchen and dining room linens, that may typically be problematic in finding appropriate spaces for, where they can be kept neatly.

Take a close look at the inside of your kitchen cabinet areas as they are now. Are you making use of all horizontal and vertical spaces? Do you have areas that are too deep or too shallow? Are there kitchen appliances, linens or implements that are typically kept in other areas of your home because they don’t fit where you want them to? Understanding how your kitchen cabinet space will be used in realistic and practical purposes will allow you easy storage and accessibility for years to come, and allow us to design and create cabinets that work for your home.